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Are you confused on the terminologies that we use or heard in the community? Click on the links below to learn about what is Indigenous, Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, LGBTQPAI+, and why pronouns matter.

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What is Indigenous?

Learn what the term Indigenous is, as well as other terms such as American Indian, First Nations, Aboriginal, and others.

Pride Parade

What is Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, & LGBTQPAI+?

Learn more about what the  L, G, B, T, Q, P, A, I letters mean as well as what is Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, and their history.

All Hands In

Why Do Pronouns Matter?

What are pronouns? What type of pronouns are there? Why do they matter to people? Learn those and more here.


Protect the Indian Child Welfare Act

What is the Indian Child Welfare Act? What does it have to do with adoption and the foster care system? Learn about various court cases and more here.

Red Fabric Under a Tree

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives

Learn about what MMIR (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives) and it relates to colonization and why it's a crisis afflicting Native communities.

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