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National Native  HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2024

NNHAAD 2024 Educational Non-Profit Vendor Application

Event Information


Saturday March 23, 2024


12 pm to 5pm (11am setup, 5pm takedown, 6pm hard close)


Autry Museum of the American West

4700 Western Heritage Way

Los Angeles, CA 90027

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2024

Come showcase your work, art, or resources!



  • Vendor spaces are limited on a first come first serve bases.

  • Booth spaces are standard 10 ft. x 10 ft. Any additional spaces needed will be an extra application fee respective to your vendor category.

  • Vendors must bring their own setup supplies and materials (ie., tables and chairs).

  • ALL vendors and their attendees are required to wear a mask at all times within the event space. Failure to do repeatedly will result in leaving the event with NO refund.

  • ALL vendors are required to have a hand sanitizer pump bottle displayed at their booths for public use. Refilling of the hand sanitizer bottle is the responsibility of the vendor. Failure to do will result in leaving the event with NO refund.

  • ALL vendors are required to test negative prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in leaving the event with NO refund. Indigenous Pride LA will have rapid COVID-19 testing for those who will need one. Proof of negative COVID-19 status will be required before setup.

  • ALL vendors are required to be fully vaccinated prior to the event. Proof of vaccination will be required before setup. Failure to do so will result in leaving the event with NO refund.

  • Tap to Pay POS (Point of Sale) systems and other wireless/cashless transaction methods are highly preferred to help combat the pandemic.

​Code of Conduct

  1. We prioritize Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, Native American, Indigenous, & LGBTQPAI+ applicants. As such, we are collecting vendor data to ensure that our event is for the communities we serve. If you are not part of or service any of the communities we prioritize, we encourage you to apply to other exquisite events in and around Los Angeles County. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. No selling of plant, herbal, or other forms of medicines. Indigenous Pride LA is supporting Indigenous lead efforts of eradicating the profiting and extraction of sacred medicines across all communities. Vendors who are found to be selling of such medicines will have their applications void. No refunds will be given.

  3. This is a Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, and Indigenous LGBTQPAI+-centered event. Any vendors found to be harassing, assaulting, or otherwise causing harm to the community will have their applications void, no refunds given, and BANNED from any future Indigenous Pride LA sponsored events.

  4. No drugs or alcohol allowed at the event.

Application Submission

  1. Once educational non-profit vendors submit their application, they will receive an email with a confirmation number.

  2. Our vendor coordinator will contact you within a week of submission to confirm your booth at 2023 Indigenous Pride LA.

  3. DEADLINE for ALL Vendor Applications will be Thursday 03/21/2024).

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We look forward to having you at our event.

For COMPANIES & ORGANIZATIONS only: If you are a Sevice Provider, what communities do you specifically serve? (select all that apply):
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Thanks for submitting!

Indigenous Pride LA is at capacity for vendors. Please join us this fall 2024.

Terms and Conditions Educational
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